Skin Rejuvenation Harmony AFT Pulsed Light

This special “Photofacial” treatment rejuvenates skin, repairs sun damage and leaves you with a fresh, healthy glow. Advanced Fluorescence Technology delivers safer and more effective treatments on sun/ages spots than IPL. AFT (advanced Fluorescence Technology), spectra precisely targets unwanted blood vessels and melanin, while gently preserving surrounding tissue, leaving skin soft and smooth

The Harmony AFT laser is non-invasive treatment that diminishes sun/age spots, broken capillaries, and roscea, reduces pore size, wrinkles and rebuilds collagen. It is also used to treat dark circles under the eyes.

The Harmony laser light system is more comfortable with better results using fewer treatments than the older laser systems in popular use such as IPL. With this new Harmony laser patients can see improvements after the first treatment.

Benefits of the Harmony laser is quick and easy skin improvement that is very safe with no healing time required.

Following each treatment, skin may appear red and flushed for 2 to 12 hours. Brown spots may turn darker for one to four days. The redness usually disappears after 30 minutes and brown spots fade or disappear within 15 days.

Patients often claim to look naturally younger and healthier.

*Minimal discomfort

*Treatment takes from 15 to 30minutes

*The number of treatments needed may vary

*No downtime

*Significant improvement may be seen after only two to four treatments

*FDA approved medical device. Currently the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment available.

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