Men Therapy Services

Eye Contour Mask

The first patch treatment with Micro-Dermoxine and combination of peptides with specific anti-wrinkle effects. A powerful shock treatment with an intensive action inspired by Botox and collagen micro-injections. The skin is smoothed and bags under the eyes and imperfections are diminished. Germaine De Capuccini line. $45

Inhalation Treatment

Experience an unforgettable aromatherapeutic session thanks to this inhalation treatment as a flow of pure oxygen stimulates your metabolic functions, the essential oil you select will energize you, relax you, purify your body and mind or decongest your respiratory tract. $15

Nebulization Treatment

Thanks to a special glass diffuser, nebulization treatments release, on the face or body, a cloud of pure oxygen enriched with a vitamin-packed with A, C and E antioxidant complex. This ultra-refreshing anti-age treatment revitalizes, oxygenates, nourishes and tones the epidermis, while it also provides tremendous protection against free radicals. $45

C-Plus Energy Facial

This professional facial treatment and homecare products have been specifically designed for the needs of men’s skin. The products are rich in Vitamin C and B, trace elements of copper, zinc, magnesium and iron, and are conbined with other plant extracts. Together these detoxify, re-energize, firm, soothe and moisturize the skin. $105
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