Facial Treatments

TimeExpert (Klara’s Signature Facial)

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZThe first professional comprehensive wrinkle treatment without micro-injections. Appears to neutralize skin contractions, fill in expression lines and smooth wrinkles. It works in the same principal as Botox without the paralysis of the muscles. A complete treatment based on new ingredients and exclusive formulas: Micor-Dermoxine Complex and combinations of two peptides that help give the face a true breath of youthfulness. $165 for 75 min. or $250 with Micro

Oxygen Facial

Vital.O2 is an oxygen facial treatment that targets the dermal layers of the skin with pressurized pure oxygen. Skin cells are detoxified oxygenated and nourished. Promotes the renewal of skin cells leaving skin looking and feeling younger and healthier. $120 for 75 min.

Aromatherapy Facial

This facial is customized for your specific needs. Cleansing and massage of the face, neck and shoulders. This treatment detoxifies and rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin by using natural products and essential oils of various plants. $90 for 60 min.

Acne Facial

This purifying facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation using papaya and pineapple, both papaya and pineapple contain enzymes that digest the cell surface of the skin softens and heal the skin. Dissolves impurities, improves skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes, extractions if necessary and finish with a green tea soothing mask. Series of treatments are recommended for best results. $90 for 60 min. or $125 with Oxygen

What is Acne?
Acne is a skin condition that occurs due to the overproduction of oil by the oil glands of the skin. The oil that normally lubricates the skin gets trapped in blocked oil ducts and results in what we know as pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads on the surface of the skin. Sometimes it also includes deeper lesions that are called cysts.

What Causes Acne?
There are four major factors responsible for causing acne. They act together to cause the characteristic pimples, whiteheads and blackheads associated with acne. They are:

  • Inflammation
  • Blockage of the skin pores
  • Activity of normal skin bacteria
  • Overactive oil glands

Heredity is a strong factor for acne. A family history of acne means that there is probably a genetic basis for the condition.

What Is The Long Term Outlook for Acne?
Most people with mild, moderate, or severe acne show improvements within six months with the appropriate treatment.

Pumpkin Parfait Enzyme Facial

Pumpkin contains a wide spectrum of vitamin A derivatives that neatly fit on to the retionnic acid receptors found in the skin. Great for all skin types especially normal to oily and photo-aged skin. This enzyme will polish and buff the skin. 100% natural pumpkin enzyme. $105 for 60 min.

Rosacea Facial

The enzymatic action of pineapple begins the smoothing and softening of skin while increasing circulation. Specialty extracts, oxygen spray, and therapeutic masks add to the soothing, calming benefits for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin – reducing inflammation, providing anti bacterial support,stimulating surface cell turnover for healthier skin tissue, and strengthening capillaries. $115 for 60 min.

Back Facial

Gentle steaming follow by enzyme exfoliation to remove impurities for the difficult area of the back. Exfoliating enzymes dissolves dead skin cell debris, leaving skin disinfected, smooth and healthy. Receives special care with a deep hydrating masque. $110 for 60 min.

Teen Facial

Teens will get a full analysis of the skin followed by steam, exfoliation, mask, and hydration. It will also be a preventative, educational lesson in proper skincare. $50 for 45 min.

Express Facial

This 30 minute treatment includes cleansing the skin using steam, exfoliation with Rhonda Allison derma peel, removal of superficial congestion, massage, nourishing mask and finishing with a moisturizer and SPF protection. This quickie facial will deliver a radiant, glowing complexion

Eye Treatment

The first patch treatment with Micro-Dermoxine and combination of peptides with specific anti-wrinkle effects. A powerful shock treatment with an intensive action inspired by Botox and collagen micro-injections. The skin is smoothed and bags under the eyes and imperfections are diminished. $45

Discount Packages are available for all Facials