Repair Deep Wrinkles with Plant Stem Cells Extract

Repair Deep Wrinkles with Plant Stem Cells Extract

Scientists in Switzerland studied the liquid cell cultures derived from their extensive study of the Uttwiler Spatlaubr apple and found that the stem cells extracted from it can stimulate human stem cell growth. At the same time it protects skin stem cells from death due to UV exposure, neutralizing free radicals and reversing the effects of photo-aging of the skin.

This exceptional cream, Timexpert Rides X.CEL developed by Germaine de Cappuccini, has a revolutionary ingredient: plant stem cell extract from a very rare variety of apple, cultivated in Switzerland. This extract provides extrodinary cellular nutrients that combined with nano-liposomes, repair the cellular damage which the passing of time has caused.

This is an exciting time to be specialized in skin care as a new approach to age management is becoming available through the use of stem cells. Professional age management of skin is all about extending and preserving the life energy of the skin cells to help yield results of younger-acting skin. It is groundbreaking and revolutionary.

We are excited to have this product available at Skin Care by Klara! Samples are also available!

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  1. Hi… lovely site you have
    I guess I need help with everything but since I’m 65 a lot of my lashes have fallen off. I have lived in ARIZ all my life so my skin is damaged and I was thinking you all could help this old broad!! Phone:602-502-0220

    • Klara and Angela says:

      Thank you Cherry for the comment! We have endless options to help rejuvenate the skin and body, from facials, photofacials, peels, body wraps and so on! In addition we have products such as RevitaLash that help thicken and lengthen eyelashes! Let’s get you in for a FREE consultation, it’s never too late to start caring for yourself 🙂

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