Pucker Up: Get the Perfect Lip for Valentine’s Day

Pucker Up: Get the Perfect Lip for Valentine’s Day

Smooth skin? Check. Choosing the right outfit for the Valentine’s Day date night? Done. But what about your lips? Does it look smooth, supple, and kissable or heavily lined, flaky, and rough to touch? If it’s the latter, why not have a look at Jane Iredale’s lip products and have youthful, lovely looking lips you’re dying for. Pucker up!

It’s no secret that women and men alike love a smooth, supple, and plump lips. But not all of us are blessed with lips to rival Angelina Jolie so the next best thing is to use a combination of beauty and makeup tips to enhance your lips, making it sexier in every way. And guess what? Jane Iredale’s lip products can certainly make your lips look good.

Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper
This lip treatment should be a must-have on your beauty list. The exfoliating end contains organic brown sugar to gently remove flaky skin to reveal a smooth lip and a tinted lip plumper on the other will keep your lips moist, plump, and youthful looking thanks to peptides, Shea butter, green tea leaf extract, and avocado oil.

Simply sweep the exfoliator end to remove dead skin cells and apply the lip plumper for a lovely looking lips. And yes, the brown sugar is all natural and free from preservatives, we recommend eating the sugar crystals instead of rinsing them off!

Just Kissed Lip Plumper
A plump lip sure looks sexy and irresistible, so why not try out Jane Iredale’s top selling lip plumper. Formulated with time-released peptides, ginger root extract, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, peppermint oil, and Shea butter to name a few, the color is sheer enough and you can build up the intensity as you go without feeling heavy on the lips. Wear it before applying your favorite lipstick for a softer, smoother, and plumped up pout that lasts.

PureGloss Lip Gloss
There’s a reason why this lip gloss is touted as one of the best in the beauty market for years. PureGloss Lip Gloss not just makes your lips shiny, but the luscious shades work to moisturize and nourish your puckers to look fresh as always.

Moringa Oil, sunflower seed oil, Pomegranate, blackberry, and lotus flower extract, and orange peel wax are just some of the ingredients that make up a long-lasting gloss that stays on the lips. Because the color is subtle enough, you can sweep the wand across your lips for quick touch ups or layer it on top of lipstick. For a more polished look, line the lips with Lip Definer and apply PureGloss on top.

So what are you waiting for? Give these lip products a go and you can start seducing your date with sexy, plump up lips you’re so rightly deserve.

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