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Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Rides X.CEL – $109.00

X.CEL is a rich cream with a silky texture which works helping to repair what the aggressive environment and the passing of time have produced. The Ceramide Complex that enriches the formula, together with the Pro-Collagestine-Fill technology works to help smooth out expression lines. Use day and night on the face, neck and décolletage. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the skin recovers its firmness, and the skin is left well hydrated and feeling soft. To increase the effects, use the Timexpert Rides Corrective Serum underneath the cream day and night.

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Lift Neck – $84.00

Its rich, creamy texture has a triple correcting action: Hydro-filling action, Restructuring action and Reducing action that recover the beauty and youthfulness of the neck and décolletage. 1.7oz

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Rides Intense Corrective Serum – $108.00

A high-technology concentrated treatment. Technically designed to penetrate rapidly and work intensively and comprehensively to soften the skin. It also provides a tautening effect and the skin’s micro-relief is immediately smoothed. Apply every morning and/or night, before a TIMEXPERT cream. After four weeks the skin appears firmer, smoother, more youthful and suppler. A serum enriched with the exclusive ingredients: that works intensely to minimize the length and depth of lines and wrinkles, increasing collagen & elastin production. The Serum also provides a gentle ‘lifting’ and ‘tautening’ effect that provides the skin with an immediate visible more youthful appearance. Instructions for Use Always apply BEFORE applying your choice of Timexpert Rides Cream, apply to the face, neck & décolletage. Key Ingredients: Micro-Dermoxine® (Peptides), Pro-Collagestine Fill, & Soy Proteins. Size: 1.7 Oz.

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Rides Eyes – $110.00

New global treatment to recover a youthful and beautiful eye contour.

Two ultra-effective solutions to work continuously, day and night, against the different signs of skin aging: wrinkles, expression lines, puffiness, bags under the eyes, imperfections, lack of luminosity, firmness, etc.


An excellent “cosmetic reinforcement” during the day that helps the skin in its protective functions against environmental aggression and the thousands of skin micro-tensions that are a consequence of daily gestures.

Its formula is made up of a combination of innovative ingredients: Pro-Collagestine-Fill Technology, Micro-Dermoxine, Ceramide Concentrate, Pigments of Light.


A true “cosmetic assistance for the night. It has an original texture with “patch effect” that leaves an imperceptible film on the skin, favoring the prolonged liberation of its ingredients designed for recovering the skin from the suffered damage.

Formulated with ingredients from the latest advances in cosmetic research:

  • Component of biotechnological origin: activates the elimination of blood pigments and captures iron, the main causes for bags under the eyes.
  • Azarole* Bud Extract: helps prevent infiltration of water and other substances through the capillaries, minimising puffiness. It also improves micro-circulation in the area.

Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.*Organic ingredient certified by ECOCERT. The result of the latest research on gemmotherapy. Size: Two Tubes of 0.3 oz each.

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Focus Treatment with Pure Micro-Dermoxine – $221.00

This is a high-technology facial concentrate for caring for the main consequence of daily gesturing. It reduces the consequences of the dermo-contractions produced by each gesture and provides a smoother appearance on skin. It provides a tautening affect that visibly smoothes the skin. Always apply together with a TIMEXPERT cream or serum. After the 30-day+ treatment your skin will appear more youthful. Treatment at Home – Morning & Night: Cleanse face, neck and décolletage with a Cleanser and tone with the Lotion/ Toner; choose the correct products adequate for your skin type. Apply Eye Contour Expression Lines Emulsion followed by Wrinkle Correcting Treatment Cream for Normal or Dry Skin For an intense treatment for: – Expresion Lines: Apply Focus Treatment Expression Lines in each line. For – Age-Defense: Apply Intensive Correcting Serum day and night before the cream. Key Ingredients: Micro-Dermoxine® (Peptides) and Soy Bean Extract. Size: 1.0 oz.

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert Prodigious Touch – $228.00

An innovative high-tech treatment with Micro-Dermoxine that smoothes the appearance of the skin. The exclusive optically activated polymers of Prodigious Touch fix themselves o the skin’s surface and more specifically inside the wrinkle. Its fluorescent ingredients absorb UV radiation and emit visible light that spectacularly reduces the shadows projected by the wrinkles and modify the appearance of other imperfections. Apply right on the wrinkles or expression lines after the cream.

Day Spa & Med Spa in Scottsdale AZTimexpert C+ Facial Bio-Reactivator with Pure Vitamin C -$71.00

Anti-Free radical, stimulates collagen synthesis, protects the skin and keeps it smooth, firm and radiant. Recommended for both men and women with any skin type lacking in vitamin C; heavy smokers, people with inappropriate diets and periods of intense exposure to the sun. Restores luminosity and vitality to the face for those special occasions. Includes tour containers: each of them includes enough product for 10 days. Apply a few drops every day before applying your normal treatment product.

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