Five Skin Tips for Summer

Five Skin Tips for Summer

Fun in the sun, is not fun anymore if your skin is getting damaged. Follow these tips for summer skin care to make sure you are safe while having a great time!


Drinking water every day is great for your health and your organs. Your skin is the largest organ you have so it needs to be hydrated as well. Your skin cells are made up of water so you need to remember to replenish it. This is necessary for summer skin care.

Protect Your Pout

The skin on your lips is very sensitive to the sun. People forget this and end up being burnt on their lips. This leads to unattractive dry cracked lips, not to mention it hurts. Wear a Chap Stick or lip product with sunscreen in it, you will be glad you did. Skin care extends all over don’t forget your lips, ears, and scalp.

Shower Cold

When you get out of the sun try to avoid taking that scalding shower you love. The hot water will dry your skin out, and leave it feeling rough. You also will help prevent the breakout of acne if you take a cooler shower. That is two skin benefits in one. A cool shower after being out in the hot sun all day can make you feel like you just left the day spa or had a skin-softening facial. Make sure you wear sunscreen on your face to protect it or that cold water will not help.

Rock that Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is not only stylish for the summer, but it also keeps your face out of the sun. Women like protecting their skin, and sometimes you just do not want any sun to touch your face. A floppy hat is perfect and the bigger the better. It beats carrying around an umbrella.

Mineral Protection

After you apply sunscreen a good way to get a little extra protection and to touch up your makeup is to wear a mineral powder. Dusting on a mineral powder with an SPF of twenty to fifty will help protect your skin without having to wear heavy foundation and sunscreen. That is just asking for your pores to clog.

There you have it, ways to keep your skin safe. All of them are easy and affordable, now enjoy that sun!


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